Dear Madam, dear Sir,

We are proud to inform you that the Hotel Central Molitor hotel and its team was awarded several certificates, namely:

Service Qualitéit Letzebuerg Niveau I  -  Service Qualitéit Letzebuerg Niveau II  &  Ecolabel - OekoZenter Pafendall   

 Some explanations
Service Qualitéit Letzebuerg  I    & II

The Service Qualitéit Letzebuerg labels are awarded to businesses that successfully followed the course organised by the Ministry of Tourism & European Institute of Tourism in Trier (ETI).

The first level course (niveau I) concentrates on the quality of service and on staff motivation by delivering service quality to our clients according to the possibilities of the establishment.

The second level course (niveau II) is based on information from our guests, our staff, different evaluations and inspections of the hotel.

Ecolabel  (More information on the criteria can be found on: www.ecolabel.lu)

The Ecolabel was created by the Ministry of Middle Classes and Tourism together with the “OekoZenter Pafendall asbl” (www.ecolabel.lu/) and the support of the Ministry of Environment.

Its objective is to promote accommodation and other businesses that manage their establishments with care and respect of the environment. The Ecolabel is optional, but an application for certification can be made by the management of a business.

As you will discover, the Hotel Central Molitor is a business and tourist hotel ideally situated near the financial, the main business districts, shopping, sightseeing, nightlife as well as the railway station.

We therefore encourage you to discover the town by foot or to use the public transport for your movements.  Furthermore, we kindly ask you to participate (depending on your possibilities) towards our efforts by contributing to the protection of our environment.

By the way, transportation tickets which allow you to use the bus/train/tram all over the country as well as the city are sold at the front desk.  (2 – 24 hours) …              

Our hotel at its level, decided to commit itself in the different steps to sustainable development and environmental protection of which here are the most important aspects:

- Renewable energy (a green energy contract was signed with the city council), environmental friendly detergents and Ecolabel cleaning products, sorting of waste, breakfast buffet with a number of bio and fair trade commodities.

- Reduction of energy by installing card switches in the rooms, automatic water taps in the public toilets and kitchen.

- We also use several devices to distribute the correct dosage for the cleaning products thus improving the consumption.

- Most of our lamps are of the energy saving type category A, we are however planning to install Led lamps wherever and soon as possible.

- Toilet paper and hand wipes are of recycled paper.

- Pressure limiters on shower heads and taps have been installed to slightly reduce the water flow. The toilets have also been equipped with a dual flush mechanism to improve water management.

We do our best to respect our environment but we are in a hotel and for that reason, we encourage each guest to make a gesture towards the environment.

It’s for that reason you will find small signs in each room, prompting you to make some environmental choices.

Towels left hanging will not be renewed or washed. On the other hand, if they are left on the floor or in the bathtub, they will be replaced. This simple gesture will save a lot of water, washing powder and electricity to wash and dry the towels if they were only used once. 

Also, we ask our guests to let us know whether the sheets should be changed every day because we otherwise change them every 2-3 days or whenever they are soiled.

We sort and recycle hotel waste (paper, carton, newspapers, glass, metal, plastic, kitchen waste, batteries, toners, cartridges …)

It is for that reason we have supplied two bins in the room/bathroom for you to sort your rubbish and if you have batteries, you can leave them on the desk top. You will also find another sorting bin on each floor opposite the elevator. (Paper-plastic-glass/metal).

When leaving the room we kindly ask you to turn off the television and close the windows, especially in winter.

Should you have any suggestions, we would of course appreciate any feedback from you.

We thank for having taken the time to read this text and wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel.