Dear Guest,

Due to national law, we inform you that this hotel is 100% Non-Smoking!

Please note that all clients are required to fill in a hotel registration form, to show an ID card or passport as well as a valid credit card in their own name. Please note that the credit card will be verified if creditworthy with a pre-authorization. Upon checkout, all data will be deleted after all payment transactions have been correctly executed. Alternativally, you will need sufficient cash to cover all expenses with an advance cash payment before the check-in. (receiving the room key)

Your signature and arrival date on the hotel registration form, will also acknowledge the fact that you have been informed of a number of clauses. Clients shall accept any management decisions as well as any expenses charged to their credit card which was given as guarantee, respectivally deducted from any cash deposit. (usually €50.00 which will be refunded upon departure less any incidentals)

You also agree that the hotel may use your personal data for administrative purposes, invoicing, marketing and statistics. (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation 27.04.2016/25.05.2018).

Please note that most of the data especially credit card details are deleted after settlement and departure.

Special clauses:

1. Any guest found or believed to be smoking within the hotel, restaurant, lounge, rooms, at windows, including tobacco smell in rooms and cigarette butts found outside bedroom windows may have their stay cut short by the management. The guest occupying the room will also be charged with a smoke elimination fee of € 200.00 to cover the costs of restoring the room to a smoke free condition.

2. Any not reported extras such as mini bar, parking fee on the hotel’s parking slots, etc. will be charged after departure.

3. Any damage and/or major cleanup costs caused by the client, their children or pets discovered by the hotel management and staff will equally be charged after departure.